3P Granule Porcelain Media

3P granule media is an interesting invention for the mass finishing industry. This type of media doesn’t have any specified shape. It’s widely used for burnishing and polishing metal surfaces.
Series Size Range (mm) Distribution
3P-6 3.5-8.2 85-90%
3P-8 2.4-5.9 85-90%
3P-10 1.8-4.3 85-90%
3P-12 1.3-3.4 85-90%
3P-16 1.0-2.0 85-90%
3P-20 0.71-1.7 85-90%

3P Granule Tumbling Media Product Description

3P Random shape media is a combination of sand, abrasives, a type of tectosilicate called feldspar and clay.



  • Can go to intricate places and contour the finish
  • Can polish and remove material without changing the dimension of the parts
  • Mostly used with high energy centrifugal finishers