DM Double Barrel Polishing Machine

Rotary drum finishing machine for Metal Parts deburring and polishing. Economic mass finishing machine.
Model Capacity Size Motor Speed Lining Thickness
(L) L x W x H (mm) (kw) (rpm) (mm)
DM140X2 140X2 2570X850X1267 3 40 10
DM300X2 300X2 3000X1300X1450 4 30 10
DM500X2 500X2 3870X1150X1420 7.5 25 10

DM drum polishing machine drawing

Double Barrel Rotary Tumbling Machine

Rotary tumblers have been used in finishing parts surfaces for a very long time.

They use very old mass finishing technology but are still used.

The main reason behind their popularity is the low cost.

We offer multiple sizes of the rotary barrel tumbler machine to suit a wide range of operations.

Product Description

A rotary tumbler uses very simple physics in action to achieve the necessary results. The parts and the finishing media are poured in a barrel and the barrel rolls around to create friction. Thanks to the simplicity of the machine, it’s more cost-effective than modern centrifugal disc finishing machines or vibratory tumblers.

The double-barrel rotary tumbling machine has the same principle but has two barrels instead of one. So, you can process two separate batches of products at once. You can get the hexagonal or olive-shaped barrels. They come in 140X2L, 300X2L, and 500X2L sizes.

Features of Rotary Barrel Machine

  • Very economic machine
  • Durable construction for a long life span
  • Digital process timer
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Protective covers for operators
  • Results in highly polished surfaces

Barrel Tumbler Machine Applications

  • All types of parts are suitable to be processed in the tumbler
  • Two separate batches of parts processing
  • Heavy load finishing
  • Rust removal

Double Barrel Tumbling Machine Feature:

  • Equipped with frequency converter which can control rotary speed
  • Equipped with timer for operational time
  • High efficiency discharge door, easy to open and close
  • Suitable for long time operate, can continuously work for 24 hours
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