Economic Rotary Barrel Polishing Machine

Economic Rotary Barrel Polishing Machine is ideal for metal deburring and polishing. Available size from 50 litre to 1000 litre. Meet most industrial use.
Model Capacity Surface Diameter Weight Motor Power Rotary rpm Barrel Opening
(WGP) (Liter) L*W*H (mm) (kg) (Kw) (mm) (mm)
WGP50A 50 740*710*1040 80 0.75 45 380*160
WGP100A 100 800*750*1020 110 0.75 48 410*270
WGP150A 150 950*900*1100 200 1.1 40 510*200
WGP200A 200 1090*1000*1420 500 2.2 30 510*200
WGP250A 250 1450*1000*1420 560 2.2 30 510*200
WGP400A 400 1660*1300*1520 1000 5.5 25 485*210


DM drum polishing machine drawing


Economic Rotary Barrel Polishing Machine Functions

  • Economic rotary barrel polishing machine utilizes horizontal barrel tumbling.
  • We have options of rubber lining and PU lining. Rubber lining suitable for high-temperature tumbling. On the other hand, PU lining is more wear-resistant than rubber lining. PU lining resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Besides, it prevents parts from impingement.
  • We can also have no-lining steel rotary barrels. These barrels suitable for stainless steel ball media or steel parts tumbling.
  • The barrel can do forward and backward rotation. With appropriate inclination, it is easy to unload the parts and finishing media.
  • Rotary barrel polishing machine is the simplest mass finishing machine. They are easy to operate and easy to maintenance. In addition, it is the most economical mechanical equipment.
  • Rotary barrel polishing machine suitable for die casting parts, forging parts and laser cutting parts.
  • The typical application of the machine includes deburring, polishing, grinding, oxidation layer removal, and rust removal.
  • The size of the machine starts from 50 litres, 100 litres. Also, we can customize the machine size for your parts and use. The largest size we can make is 1000 litre.

Economic Rotary Barrel Polishing Machine Features:

Rotary barrel polishing machine adopts horizontal rotary drums. Lined with nature rubber or PU (polyurethane), the barrel resists abrasion and acidic and prevents parts from hitting. Drove by motor and belt, the rotary speed 33-50 rpm. The rotary barrel polishing machine suitable for hardware, electronics, plastics, jewellery parts deburring, radiusing, degreasing, re-rusting and surface polishing.

  • High-efficiency batch processing, improve productivity 5-10 times
  • Suitable for both big and medium-size parts finishing, especially for parts with special geometries
  • Low noise, easy to operate. The barrel can forward and backwards easily
  • Easy to operate, one person can operate the machine
  • Long service life, stable operation
  • Able to customize machine according to clients’ requirement

rotary barrel polishing machine manufacturer workshop



For stainless steel, iron, copper, zinc, aluminium, magnesium alloys and other materials, such as stamping, die-casting, casting, forging, wire, ceramics, jade, coral, synthetic resin, plastic, porcelain, etc. , Rust removal, rough polishing, precision polishing, gloss polishing, black film removal, blackhead and fine grinding, chamfer polishing

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