DM Single Barrel Polishing Machine

Rotary drum finishing machine for Metal Parts deburring and polishing. Economic mass finishing machine.
Model Capacity Size Motor Weight Speed Lining thickness
(L) LxWxH(mm) (kw) (kg) (rpm) (mm)
DM25 25 680x700x750 0.55 100 85 8
DM50 50 730x720x1200 1.1 150 60 8
DM100 100 1020x900x1300 1.1 200 40 10
DM200 200 1090x1000x1420 2.2 500 30 10
DM300 300 1450x1000x1420 2.2 560 30 10
DM500 500 1660x1300x1520 2.5 1000 20 10


DM drum polishing machine drawing

Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

Rotary tumblers are traditional surface finishing machines that many people still use to this day. These machines are economic and effective simultaneously. Rotary tumblers are widely used to this day thanks to their cheap price.

Product Description

Rotary barrel tumblers are as simple as mass finishing machines come.

There is a barrel and there is a motor to aid the barrel is rotating.

You put the media and the parts inside the barrel and start the motor.

Keep in mind that rotary barrel tumblers take a long time to process a batch.

You can even tumble parts without media. These machines come in variable sizes starting from 25L to 500L.

Rotary barrel tumblers come in either hexagonal shape or olive shape. Get the one that you need.


  • Economic finishing machine
  • Digital timer to monitor the process
  • Adjustable settings for speed
  • Protection for operators
  • Durable and sturdy construction


  • All kinds of parts including small, thin, long, sensitive and so on
  • Used for tumbling wooden or plastic parts
  • Done in small batches
  • Heavy-duty finishing
  • Used for rust removal

Single Barrel Tumbling Machine Feature:

  • Equipped with a frequency converter which can control rotary speed
  • Equipped with timer for operational time
  • High-efficiency discharge door, easy to open and close
  • Suitable for long time operate, can continuously work for 24 hours
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