Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine with wood or bamboo drum. Maximum 480 hangers for high valued parts top quality mirror polishing.
Description Loading Capacity Dimension Motor Net Weight Rotary Speed
Model pcs L*W*H Kw Kg rpm
CJG480 480 1700*2300*1850 2.2+1.5 1246 Barrel 0-50 Hanger 0-80


DM drum polishing machine drawing

General information

The environmental-friendly dry-type polishing machine is designed to grind and polish products with high value, high-quality requirements, and flawless mirror or surface.

It is a barrel tumbler mass finishing machine.

The dry-type smoothing machine is made of bamboo and wooden barrels. The abrasives are wood particles, walnut shells, and olive shells. It has no pollution and no emissions and can avoid the environmental protection problems caused by polishing.

Eight hangers can be placed in the barrel, and several products can be installed on each hanger (depending on the size of the product). There is a gap between the product and the product. Because it is fixed on the hanger, it will not collide when tumbling.


How to operate the Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine

Coarse grinding: (coarse grinding means smoothing the surface)

  • 1. After installing the product, hang the hanger into the machine barrel;
  • 2. Put coarse abrasive and coarse oil;
  • 3. Set the time and processing speed
  • 4. Press the button and start

Fine grinding: (the so-called fine grinding is polishing and burnishing)

  • 1. Take out the coarsely ground products and hangers and put them into the prepared fine grinding barrel;
  • 2. Put inside the fine grinding media and polishing oil
  • 3. Set the time and processing speed
  • 4. Press the button and start

After grinding, take the products out, packaging, shipment, or proceed to the next step electroplating.

Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine Feature:

  • It can be equipped with 8 hangers, and the whole machine can be equipped with a maximum of 480 metal glasses frames (proven stainless steel hangers, which avoids deformation of the frame and reduces unpolished corners)
  • When the hanger rotates along with the drum, it can rotate independently and improve the polishing efficiency.
  • Intelligent PLC operation control of the hanger positioning system, which perfectly realizes the hanger numbering and positioning start operation, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Bamboo Barrel: The density of bamboo drums is higher than that of traditional wood materials, which reduces the use of polishing liquid
  • The equipment is certified by CE safety test
  • PLC operation system for smart, safe, stable and simple usage
  • Convenient & fast loading & unloading
  • Triple-alarming when abnormal operation is detected
  • The bamboo barrel has natural ventilation and heat dissipation function
  • Efficient polishing and grinding with double-driving system


Advantage of Dry Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine:

  • Reduce labour and save costs;
  • Avoid environmental issues;
  • Low noise (less than 50dB);
  • Greatly improve productivity


Big Rotary Barrel Tumbling Machine Application:

  • Bathroom products polishing and grinding
  • Medical accessories polishing and grinding
  • Electronic accessories polishing and grinding
  • Auto accessories polishing and grinding,
  • Polishing and grinding of castings
  • Polishing and grinding of umbrella accessories
  • Polishing and grinding of machined parts
  • Polishing and grinding of zinc alloy die castings,
  • Chain polishing, bicycle accessories polishing
  • Motorcycle accessories polishing
  • Washing valve bushing polishing,
  • Harness polishing
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Stamping parts polishing
  • Carbon fiber polishing, pin polishing,
  • Polishing and polishing of metal glasses accessories
  • polishing of helmets
  • polishing of bone screws
  • polishing of artificial bone nails,
    Bone plate polishing
  • Pliers blank polishing
  • Gas valve polishing
  • Buckle polishing
  • Fixture polishing
  • Polishing and grinding of bearing washers
  • Polishing and grinding of angle valve sleeves
  • Polishing and grinding of baffles
  • Polishing and grinding of aluminum alloy accessories
  • Spring clip polishing
  • Metal accessories polishing
  • Belt Buckle Polishing
  • Hardware Workpiece Polishing
  • Gear polishing, door handle polishing
  • Ball knot box polishing,
  • Spring polishing
  • Rivet polishing
  • Light bulb socket polishing
  • Ceramic parts polishing
  • Shoe buckle polishing,
  • Machined aluminum polishing,
  • Zipper polishing
  • Tent clip polishing,
  • Hook polishing,
  • Shovel polishing,
  • Blade polishing,
  • Daily hardware polishing and grinding
  • Hardware tool polishing and grinding
  • Agricultural tool polishing and grinding
  • Woodworking tool polishing and grinding,
  • Water pipe rack polishing and grinding,
  • white steel bar polishing and grinding,
  • tungsten processing parts polishing and grinding,
  • machining hardware polishing and grinding,
  • Separator polishing
  • Medical tweezers polishing
  • Stainless steel tweezers polishing
  • Plastic tweezers polishing,
  • 3D printing polishing and other
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