Horitonal Type Shaft Polishing Machine

The automatic crankshaft polishing machine we provide is the best quality product in the market. They work efficiently and are a great choice for automobile manufacturers. The machine is capable of high-quality deburring to smoothen surface roughness.

Automatic Crankshaft Polishing Machine

The automatic surface finishing machine from Inovatec is a one-stop system for auto parts manufacturers. A conveying line, a loading line, an abrasive lifting device, etc. are integrated in the machine. There is a dedicated water circulation system to keep the parts nice and clean.


  • Conveying line for the parts
  • Loading dock for the part
  • Lifting device of abrasive manner
  • Water circulation system for maximum efficiency
  • Abrasive online cleaning


  • Polishing and deburring is done on 2-axis action
  • Up to 2 shafts processing at once
  • Improved surface hardness and wear resistance
  • Improved surface smoothness

Applied to all kinds of shafts, poles covers parts of surface treatment. Polishing, grinding, rounding and deburring without change parts original size and surface roughness. Can also improve parts surface physical-mechanical performance. remove surface remaining tensile stress, improve surface wear resistance and hardness.

crankshaft polishing


The principle of operation:

During operation, parts are fixed in the main axis and drive up/down by lifting device. When parts merge into a tank full of grinding media, parts rotate along its own axis and media tank move back and forth, thus achieve high-efficiency micro-cutting. Also adjusting rotary/linear movement speed, parts with different material/geometry may achieve optimal finishing quality.

Process diameter ≤320mm
Processing length 500-1200mm
Working capacity 2
Main motor 5.5kw
Media container motor 7.5kw
Hydraulic pump motor 3.0kw
Water purification motor 0.8kw
Dimension of machine 2750x1970x2920mm
Electronic control cabinet size 900x500x1800mm
water purification system size 1700x1506x800mm
Media container size 2180X2200X1480mm
Gross weight 4500kg