Industrial Spin Dryer

If you are in need of removing oil, paint or water from your finished parts surfaces, you should invest in a centrifugal dryer from Inovatec. The SK series has a very unique design that protects the parts from getting stained or tangled.

Industrial Centrifugal Dryer Product Description

It’s called a centrifugal dryer because it utilizes the centrifugal force to dry the workpieces without any damages.

If you leave the lid of the dryer open by chance, the safety measure incorporated will stop the motor from spinning.

The centrifugal dryer from Inovatec works more efficiently than its competitors.

It’s done via two major implementations in the machine.

Firstly, the centrifugal force works against the materials to get rid of debris or liquid excess.

Then, there is a heating mechanism integrated right below the dryer that blows hot air to the surface of the parts.

The hot air completely dries the surface without causing any stains.

Inovatec has 10 different centrifugal dryers in stock.

These machines are a wonder of modern science.

The hectic chore of drying the workpieces is done under five minutes with a centrifugal dryer.

The surface will be squeaky clean and dry as well.


Model Dimension of basket Volume of basket Working capacity Working temperature Rotation speed Motor Heating Motor speed Dimension Weight
(mm) (m3) (rpm) (kw) (kw) (rpm) (mm) (kg)
SK400B Φ380×280 0.035 35kg or 1/3 of capacity 50-80 552 0.75 1.8 1430 780x600x750 161
SK500B Φ480×280 0.075 75kg or 1/3 (height of a basket) 50-80 300 1.5 3.0 1430 1000x800x860 242

Optional Settings

  • Built-in heater fan
  • Control over the speed
  • Hot air to dry parts


  • Noise level is very low
  • Maximum control over the timing
  • Surface and basket made of stainless steel
  • 2 mm basket hole
  • Easy to install and environment-friendly
  • Optimal performance
  • Power-efficient

Industrial Spin Dryer

To prevent rusting, parts need to dry when a cycle ended.

When parts are small size and accessible to tangled together, industrial centrifugal spin dryer is the perfect choice.

Inovatec centrifugal spin dryer uses centrifugal force to throw off excessive water on parts surface.

Heating element equipped at the backside of the cover.

LH400B Centrifugal dryer

When the turbine fan starts to work, hot air drive by suction force through the chamber and dried parts inside the barrel.

Centrifugal metal parts dryer not only remove the water but also remove oil, paint, solvent and other liquids on parts surface.

It is “must-have” equipment in electroplating workshop and mass finishing job shop.

LH400B Centrifugal dryer

Inovatec stainless steel centrifugal spin dryer is the most popular device in mass finishing workshop. Here are the reasons:

  • Compact design and small footprint, portable design
  • 3mm small hole in the basket allows tiny parts drying
  • Drain exhaust outlet conveniently locate at external lower parts of the machine to collect liquid
  • Safety interlock automatically stop the device when operator mistakenly open the cover when engine running
  • Soft start of the device: when turn on the device, spinning speed gradually accelerate to its max speed
  • Optional variable speed converter is available for sensitive parts
  • Optional process timer available to record running time without labor care

electro plating workshop

Industrial centrifugal spin dryer has stainless steel basket and stainless steel surface.

The stainless steel material prevents rusting from corrosive liquid.

Inovatec machinery has over 20 years’ good experience in mass finishing equipment production and development.

We manufacture quality machinery and guarantee it works for many years after proper maintenance.

Send us the message today and we help you improve the finishing!


Industrial Spin Dryer FAQ Guide

1. What is an Industrial Spin Dryer Machine?

Industrial spin dryers are an essential supplement when it comes to mass finishing workpieces.

This is in light of the fact that most finishing machines use a wet technique that involves combining water and liquid chemicals to deburr, polish, and finish workpieces.

Stainless Steel Spin Dryer Machines are dynamic and multi-functional in nature, making them usable for finishing soft, medium and hard workpieces.

So, be it plastic, metal, fiber, etc that a workpiece can be made of, industrial spin dryers can help in dehydrating them.

Essentially, plastic and metal parts dryer machines help to remove liquid, moisture or stains from workpieces, by spinning them at high speeds.

LH500B Centrifugal dryer


2. Are industrial spin dryers the same with industrial hand dryers or domestic dryers?

No, they are different. Industrial spin dryers are bigger and larger than the domestic dryers used at home or anywhere else other than industries.

At the same time, plastic and metal parts dryer machines are quite different and shouldn’t therefore be confused with industrial hand dryers.

The technology behind them and the required drying techniques are different.

Industrial Spin Dryers are usually always faster and do not blast heat, while hand dryers are smaller and most often blast hot air.


3. What are the parts that constitute an Industrial Spin Dryer?

Stainless Steel Spin Dryer Machines parts usually differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

At the very least, industrial spin dryer machines are constituted by the following parts:

Stainless steel rectangular boxes or cylindrical tanks, gauges, intake valves, output valves, drains, openings, connections, and controls.

Industrial spin dryer machine models that continuously dry incoming materials, often also usually feature conveyor belts that bring in workpieces


4. How does an Industrial Spin Dryer Machine work?

Conventionally, most industrial hot air dryer machines work by releasing hot air generated by the machine’s motor, on workpieces and items.

But industrial spin dryer machines do not work in that way. An Industrial spin dryer typically works by spinning its mounted work bowl/tub at very high speeds.

The spinning action helps to take moisture out of the workpiece without the use of heat.


5. What are the common industrial spin dryer application areas?

By industry standard, Industrial Spin Dryer Machines are made of high-quality stainless steel for rust protection, low noise, and a longer lifespan.

Because of the above, they are ideal industrial equipment for use in various areas and niches.

Examples of areas and specialities where industrial spin dryers are heavily relied upon are; water treatment, air control and pollution control, agriculture and food processing, paper and pulp, pharmaceuticals, plastics, industrial manufacturing, health care, and many more others.

Within these niches, industrial spin dryers are used to dry substances and products such as refuse, sludge, dairy products, grain, paper, plastics, fertilizer, chemicals, fabrics in hotel laundromat, types of equipment, etc.


6. What should I use an Industrial Spin Dryer Machine?

Workpiece drying can help in making workpieces turn out in top quality.

Through dehydration, it cleanses and purifies items from stains that run deep down into the item.

Such stain or dirt may include dust, greases, or other residue stuck on the workpiece.

In essence, a properly dehydrated workpiece is less likely to develop cracks and other metal corrosions.


7. What are the things to look out for when choosing an industrial spin dryer?

The following are some of the factors you should avert your minds to when making a choice of an Industrial spin dryer machine:

Overall Design – When designing industrial spin dryers, manufacturers set out to create drying machines that are strong, and corrosion-resistant, with different specifications such as continuous drying or batch drying capabilities, automation level, shape/size and other forms of specifications.

So, you should consider if the design is suitable to you or one you live with.

For example, if you desire a dryer devoid of seams, you should look out for industrial spin dryer whose components were welded together, not those that were screwed.

Safety and Compliance Standard – No matter what how you’d like to use an industrial spin dryer machine, it needs to meet minimum energy, safety standards that are determined by the relevant governmental agencies.

Capacity – The carrying capacity of centrifugal dryers is also an important factor to consider when choosing an industrial spin dryer machine.

This is because the machine’s carrying capacity at a go, would often determine the efficiency with which drying tasks would be accomplished.

Speed – Due to the industrial nature of the usage of centrifugal dryer machines, an average spin speed of 2800rpm is the standard for getting rid of excess water efficiently.

Anything lesser will be inefficient.

Drainage system – Dryers have one of two main types of drainage systems – one in which the water is drained away naturally, and those with pumps that aid the process of releasing water.

The latter are usually more expensive than the former.

Energy and Noise – Centrifugal portable spin dryers are usually quite noisy because of the high speed with which they spin their tubs.

There are however some that make less noise and are as energy-efficient as possible.

Your personal preference and budget would determine your choice.


8. Are there actionable tips that can make an Industrial Spin Dryer last longer?

Machines need all the care they can get, if you are really interested in using the machine for as long as possible.

To get the most out of a centrifugal portable spin dryer machine, here are some valuable tips need to be adhered to. They include:

Checking Manufacturers Recommendations:

Difference machines often always translate to different maintenance processes.

You should inquire about the required maintenance level before buying your industrial centrifugal spin dryer machine.

And if you just newly-bought one, check through the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations

Ensuring the drying machine is in good condition before usage:

It’s important to habitually check the industrial centrifugal spin dryer for internal and exterior damages or wear outs, before putting the dehydrating machine into use.

Doing this helps safeguard the workplace from preventable accidents, including spillings, outbursts, and so on.

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