Pyramid Tumbling Media

Pyramid shape plastic media is ideal brass, copper and aluminum parts light deburring and smoothing, with little shine. It enters small details of parts without lodging issue.


Ideal to finish precision parts like jewelry

Light deburring of soft metal parts

Surface conditioning with little shine

Wear resistant plastic deburring media

Consistent quality and stable performance

Pyramid Tumbling Media

Pyramid tumbling media is the mass finishing media with a pyramid shape.

We can make pyramid shape media with plastic media and ceramic media.

Besides, we can also make porcelain media in a pyramid shape.

pyramid tumbling media plastic media deburring and smoothing


The most popular type of pyramid tumbling media is the plastic pyramid tumbling media.

Pyramid shape tumbling media is preferred because it has sharp contacting points that can enter deep in the parts holes, recesses, and slots.

Meanwhile, pyramid tumbling media not jams in the parts.

At Inovatec, the smallest size pyramid media is 1/4 inches (6mm).


plastic parts deburring light

This small size is ideal for jewelry parts deburring, bullet shell smoothing, and aluminum parts finishing.

Also, delicate parts and parts with little details use small media for deburring.

Pyramid tumbling media is used either in vibratory finishing machine, vibratory tumbler, rotary barrel finishing machine, or centrifugal disc finishing machine.

It keeps its original shape as the size wears down.

Pyramid tumbling media is widely in use in multiple applications.

Here are the reasons:

  • Pyramid plastic polishing media replace ceramic media; make light deburring on soft metals
  • Surface smoothing of metal parts for the secondary polishing process after the ceramic deburring
  • Remove oxidation layer and heating scale on brass bullet shells
  •  Create a perfect surface that ready for electroplating


aluminum parts deburring with plastic media

Besides, Inovatec developed various recipes for pyramid media, including light cutting, medium cutting, faster cutting as well as aggressive cutting series.

Whether you have a hard titanium medical bone plate or a nylon 3D printed part, we have the right media for you.

Inovatec has rich experience in plastic tumbling media production.

Our experienced engineer suggests the right media size and shape.

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Pyramid Tumbling Media FAQ Guide

1. What is pyramid tumbling media?

Tumbling media are a type of mass finishing media specially formulated for mass finishing, particularly for tumbling machines.

They help in deburring, cleaning, polishing, and doing all other surface enhancement of workpieces.

Because of the varying needs of mass finishing, tumbling media come in a variety of shapes.

One of such popular shapes is the pyramid.

Pyramid tumbling media are used on ferrous and non-ferrous workpieces in varying stages of mass finishing, in an attempt to produce exceptional and pleasing finishing on workpieces.


Plastic PLA 3d printed parts surface finishing with plastic media


2. What is pyramid tumbling media made up of?

What a pyramid tumbling media is made up, would depend on the type of tumbling media it is.

That is whether it is metallic, ceramic or plastic.

Plastic pyramid tumbling media are usually made up of resins and abrasives, often of equal quantity.

Some of the most prominent abrasive substances used in making plastic pyramid tumbling media include zirconia, silica, alumina, corundum, amongst others.

Metallic pyramid tumbling media on the other hand are typically made up of steel or stainless steel, alongside other media constituents.

Ceramic pyramid tumbling media are typically made of aluminum oxide abrasive and ceramic binder.

It could also include constituents such as porcelain, alumina-zirconia, tin oxide, silicon carbide, cerium oxide, chromium oxide, among others.

plastic parts smoothing aluminum die casting aprts


3. How does pyramid tumbling media work?

It must first be pointed out that pyramid tumbling media isn’t an end in itself but a means to an end.

This means that for it to work perfectly and appropriately, other factors such as good tumbling machine, compound, water, etc., have to go with the media.

To get the pyramid tumbling media working, it is sufficiently loaded along with parts, in a rubber-lined work bowl.

Depending on the process, it can be loaded before or after the mass – workpieces, compound and/or water- have been stacked in.

Once the machine kicks into operation, its motor generates power which either rolls, vibrates, to make the pyramid tumbling media rub and tumble media against the workpieces.


plastic media fine deburring

The rubbing action helps in breaking sharp edges, blemish erasure, surface discoloration among other surface enhancement and fine-tuning.

The goal is usually to make parts or parts come out smooth, homogeneous, and beautiful.

The process continues until the machine completes its pre-programmed finishing cycle time or period.

In some other machines, the operator is the one that turns the machine off once the desired results have been attained.


4. What are the tips for selecting pyramid tumbling media?

If you are picking your own pyramid tumbling media, it’s advisable to choose a size that will get into all the nooks and crannies on the workpieces that is desired to be tumbled.

But won’t get lodged in your parts. It can be very challenging to have to unstick dozens of little abrasive chunks from your workpiece.

Not to mention those plugged areas that wouldn’t get the same tumbling impact as the rest of the workpiece.


5. Which workpiece is a pyramid tumbling media perfect for?

Pyramid tumbling media are good for all and perfect for none.

That is, they are appropriate for almost all types of workpieces –be it small or large, simple or complex.

plastic tumbling media


6. Which finishing machine can use a pyramid tumbling media?

Pyramid tumbling media can be used by any type of mass finishing machine.

Be it a Vibratory Finishing Machine, Barrel Tumbling Finishing Machine, Centrifugal disc/barrel finishing machine, pyramid tumbling media is very much compatible.

plastic parts vibratory deburring

7. What benefit comes with pyramid tumbling media usage on workpiece?

Several advantages, pros, and benefits come with using a pyramid tumbling media to tumble-finish workpieces.

The most common ones among the gains in its usage include:

Strain Hardening

Pyramid tumbling media help in shrinking the structure of the workpieces it works on to increase the latter’s hardness.

Finished parts are 50 to 100% harder and stronger than unfinished ones.

The hardness makes the finished workpiece more resistant to fatigue failure.

Polished Finish

Not only is a workpiece finished with pyramid tumbling media stronger, but it also becomes more appealing and beautiful to look at.

Tumbling finishing machines effectively remove minor and major visual defects by polishing, honing, and brushing up workpiece surfaces to a level of smoothness and aesthetics desired by the operator.

Corrosion Resistance

Pyramid tumbling media help to reduce roughness and micro-notches in a workpiece.

This helps to vest workpieces with a greater resistance against rust, oxidation, and other forms of metal corrosion.

Essentially, a properly finished workpiece is less likely to develop cracks, snaps and/or other surface imperfections.


Pyramid tumbling media also come with the ability to absorb impact energy between the parts in the work tub.

Pyramid tumbling media helps to keep the workpieces from hitting and damaging one another.


8. How long do pyramid tumbling media usually last?

Depends on factors such as the frequency of use, quantity of workpiece tumble over time, cutting speed, amongst others.

But all things being equal, pyramid tumbling media can guarantee consistent performance and repeatability, when maintained appropriately.

Proper maintenance procedures for protecting the pyramid-shaped media between uses, will guarantee a longer, extensive usage period.

plastic media deburring aluminum machining parts


9. What are the potential downsides, if any, to the usage of pyramid tumbling media?



10. What are the manufacturing industries where pyramid tumbling media usage is popular?

Pyramid tumbling media, like all other shapes of tumbling media, has consistently proved useful for standard finishing or tumbling of workpieces in minor and major industries.

That is, product manufacturers across varying industries use pyramid tumbling media to make workpieces undergo substantial improvements in their surface composition, strength, shell-life, and performance.

Essentially, pyramid tumbling media are used in industries that have an inescapable need for lower RMS of workpieces.

Some of its most popular industrial usages include: Medical/Dental, Automotive, Defense/Military, General Job Shop, Motorsports, Jewellery, Textile amongst others.

precision parts surface finishing


11. How much does pyramid tumbling media cost?

Depends on its size, type (i.e. whether it is metallic, plastic, or ceramic), and on its coarseness or abrasiveness.

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