Rotomatic Continuous Flow System

If you are aluminum die casting parts manufacturer and you operate on a large scale, you should think about investing in a rotomatic continuous vibratory finishing machine. It’s a high-efficiency machine with minimal labor costs. It can effectively deburr and polish aluminum parts for a high-quality finish.


Developed by Inovatec, the Rotomatic is suited for continuous running deburring, grinding, cleaning, deflashing and other surface treatment applications, all within a relatively small footprint. Every Rotomatic is equipped with Inovatec own High-Energy direct drive system. The innovative design of the Rotomatic’s processing channel allows first-in / first-out processing with variable cycle times. With Inovatec you have the largest product range at your disposal. No other manufacturer can offer a comparable selection.


Vibratory Finishing Machines is one of the most commonly used processing machinery in mass finishing field, used for deburring, polishing, descaling, and surface improvement on metal and plastic parts

The vibratory finishing process application usually combines creative process technology and innovative equipment engineering.

Inovatec vibratory finishing machine has high equipment quality and reliable standards with a functional design. Besides, they offer characteristics of easy operation and a high degree of productivity.

The machinery and system is extremely flexible and versatile mass finishing systems

It can be used for all metals, many plastics, ceramics, rubber, wood, stone and glass and can help to achieve a wide range of objectives. Excellent results can be obtained for highly delicate and small components as well as for large and robust parts.


Working Principle

Vibratory surface finishing takes place in a work bowl placed on coil springs.  The vibratory energy is induced by a special vibratory motor that is mounted in the centre of the work bowl. The vibration creates the typical relative movement of media against parts.

The continuous feeding of water and compound-also are known as soap-support the finishing process.

Frequently, the vibratory finishing machine is equipped with an integrated separation flap and screen. This allows separating the finished parts from the tumbling media in the machine.

Via the separation screen, the parts are transferred to the machine exit or to a post-treatment system, for example, a dryer, while the media remains in the machine. Of course, automatic mass finishing machine including different types of material handling systems, along with per- and post-treatment units are possible.

Rotomatic Continuous Flow-Through System

If you are aluminium die casting parts manufacturer and you operate on a large scale, you should think about investing in a rotomatic continuous vibratory finishing machine. It’s a high-efficiency machine with minimal labour costs. It can effectively deburr and polish aluminium parts for a high-quality finish.


Product Description

The rotomatic continuous vibratory finishing machine from Inovatec operates in a feed-in and feed-out manner. It’s a great solution for industrial deburring and polishing scenarios thanks to the reduced maintenance and labour cost.

The machine comes with dedicated media separators, a rinsing station, and a lubrication system. It’s possible to get a high-gloss finish in no time which is essential to achieve efficiency in an industrial workplace. The processing time is roughly 15 minutes for aluminium die-cast parts in a rotomatic continuous flow through the system.


  • The separators are interchangeable to fit different size and shape of media
  • Dedicated magnetic parts separator
  • Rinsing and cleaning area
  • Central lubrication system
  • Noise reduction
  • Durable and sturdy bowl frame
  • Parts loading and unloading dock
  • Programmable PLC control panel for maximum convenience


  • Media recycling and transporting
  • Aluminum die-cast parts polishing and deburring
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