Separator Sieve

Screen separation is the most commonly used separation technology. It is ideal for parts and finishing media separation after vibratory finishing.
Name and Specifications Model VS35 VS50 VS100
Dimension of machine (mm) 1320X622X800 1750X640X900 2900X910X880
Motor Power kw 0.125X2 0.25X2 0.37X2
Weight kg 90 160 500
Note Sieve mesh can be customized

Note: We can make customized Size and 1-3 Layers according to user requirements


Vibratory Separator Introduction

The vibratory separator is made up of airframe (screen mesh installed inside), spring, and two exciters (vibrating motor) and swashing pipe etc, and there are holes of different specification in the screen of each kind of sieve.

It is designed for tumbler media and parts separation.

The vibration generated by the exciters enable the relative motion of them after the workpiece and abrasive enters the screen mesh, thus certain inertia will be gained to enhance the screening capacity of the workpiece and abrasive.

At the same time, clean water will swash the workpiece to keep them clean.


Vibratory Sieve Features:

  • Noise-free operation
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Optimum performance


Vibratory Sieve Specification:

  • Higher Capacity Per Unit Of Screening Area
  • Long Life with Self-Compensating Screen Tension
  • Requires Minimum Operator’s Attention
  • Minimum Screen Building
  • Low Power Consumption

Different Types of Sieve Available

1. Steel Meshed PU Sieve (Reverse Types)

Reverse separation

2. PU Polyurethane PU lining

vibratory finishing machine separation sieves

3. Nylon PU lining

nylon vibratory finishing machine sieve

4. Stainless Steel Punched Hole Sieve

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